I am an attorney living in Maryland and working for the federal government.  I have many years experience prior to this career working as both a medicinal organic chemist and in various legal support positions.  This experience led me to become interested in the intersection between intellectual property and antitrust law, especially as they relate to the technology and communications sectors of the economy.  I am also interested in a variety of other subjects, including administrative law, regulatory theory and practice, and how the Internet can be used to transform and improve our government.

I keep active on a variety of other websites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Tumblr, Medium, and many more.  You can find a summary of my media appearances and published writings here.  When not doing the lawyer thing, I spend time with my wonderful wife Elizabeth and daughter Amelia.  I also enjoy cooking new cuisine (which if you think about it is very similar to chemistry), reading, writing, working on various building projects, and sailing in locales both near (the Chesapeake) and far (the Carribean).

You can find a copy of my resume here: 13-0413_Resume

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